PyData Yerevan 2022

Elina Israelyan

Elina Israelyan is a Data Scientist at EasyDMARC, where they develop AI solutions for email security and deliverability. She also studies at the American University of Armenia, majoring in Data Science. Her experience is mainly related to Natural Language Processing and Anomaly Detection. Elina Israelyan has been working on various projects such as URL and Website Phishing Detection, Email traffic Anomaly Detection, Spam Detection, etc., where she has developed end-to-end projects starting from the raw data preprocessing, exploratory data analysis, and finishing with the model deployment processes.

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AI-Powered Solutions for Cybersecurity
Elina Israelyan

Cyberattacks are continuously growing in volume and entanglement. They
target organizations' systems, networks, and private data, causing financial loss,
customer loss, and data leakage. As technology improves nowadays, Artificial
Intelligence (AI) based solutions help boost Cybersecurity. Attend this talk to
discover how AI-powered algorithms are used to stay ahead of Cyberattacks such as
Phishing, Lookalike domains, or Name Spoofing.

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