PyData Yerevan 2022

Andrey Manoshin

Andrey Manoshin got a specialist degree in control engineering in NRNU MEPHI (Moscow) in 2022. He worked for a few years as a Data Scientist with OCR and NLP tasks, and since late 2021 he has been working in Yandex.Research. His interests include but are not limited to fields of reinforcement learning, robotics, meta-learning, and representation learning.

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EENLP: Cross-lingual Eastern European NLP Index
Andrey Manoshin

In our project we present a wide index of existing Eastern European language datasets (90+) and models (60+). Furthermore, to support the evaluation of commonsense reasoning tasks, we compile and publish cross-lingual datasets for five such tasks and provide evaluation results for several existing multilingual models.

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