PyData Yerevan 2022

Hayk Aprikyan

  • Machine Learning Engineer at
  • Undergraduate student at Yerevan State University, Department of Mathematics
  • 2 years of experience in EDA, 1.5 years of experience in NLP
  • Writes tools and utilities to scrape, analyze and make use of data both for fun and self-development (and personal needs), most of them open sourced

  • Data Science enthusiast with a background in Mathematics

  • Founder of
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What can your Telegram tell about you? (Answer: Everything)
Hayk Aprikyan

How much has your vocabulary changed over the last year? Who shares the funniest memes with you? And does she find you interesting to chat with? ̶N̶o̶p̶e̶.̶

If you're a Telegram guy, Neplo is that painstakingly data-driven guy who's got answers to these (and hundreds of other) questions, based on your Telegram chat histories.

Still skeptical? Come and see. (John 1:39)

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