PyData Yerevan 2022

Meirav Ben Izhak

Meirav Ben Izhak is a Senior AI Researcher at Salesforce. She holds an MSc in Bioinformatics which focused on the Microbiome but also included side projects in immunology and epidemiology.

During the past few years, she had the fortune to analyze various datasets as part of work and as side projects, including but not limited to election patterns, Cannabis DNA, cellular activity, and spontaneous conversations.

In her spare time, she promotes women in STEM, goes on hikes, and contributes to stock photography.

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NetworkX - your unexcpected assistant for clustering analysis
Meirav Ben Izhak

Clustering analysis is a common task in data science but it can sometimes get tedious. In this talk, I will present how functionality from the package NetworkX can assist us in analyzing and presenting results of clustering analysis. This talk assumes no previous knowledge, a brief reminder of graph basics will be given and networkx will be shortly presented. Join in if you - - want to hear about a new suggested usage of a known data structure. - like to get things done more efficiently when you cluster. - never heard of networkx but would like to. - all of the above.

113W PAB